About Groundhopping Canada

Groundhopping Canada is dedicated to groundhopping Canada’s football (soccer) venues – from non-league (amateur) through to Major League Soccer – and sharing the experience with fellow Canadians and football fans internationally.

So first of all: what is groundhopping?  Wikipedia defines it as:

Groundhopping is a hobby that involves attending matches at as many different stadiums or grounds as possible. Participants are known as groundhoppers, hoppers or travellers. Largely a football-related pasttime, groundhopping probably found its origin in football in the 1970s in England. From the late 1980s fans in Germany started groundhopping as well. Currently it is especially popular in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.
There is no universal set of rules for counting ‘hopped grounds’, although a generally accepted one is that a match must have been seen at the ground.

Admittedly, Canada doesn’t have very many soccer stadia, and grounds outside of the top two divisions are often just glorified parks (and are often literally public parks).  However, it’s still worth sharing Canada’s more interesting grounds, and that is the aim of this blog.


As the author of Groundhopping Canada is based in Vancouver, we are relying on Canadians from other parts of the country (and international groundhoppers visiting Canada) to submit their groundhopping reviews of soccer venues in other parts of the country.  Get in touch via Twitter at @GroundhoppingCA.  Be sure to include:

  • ground information and match stats (which teams were playing, which league, the date, etc.)
  • a review of the ground (what makes the ground unique, what its special characteristics are, its pros and cons as a venue, etc.)
  • photos of the ground

One thought on “About Groundhopping Canada

  1. I found a picture of the Fred Maurice Pavilion in Beacon Hill Park, Victoria on Flickr that I’d like to use as the basis for a painting, and am looking for permission. I would give credit for the original photo to whoever that is. It’s attributed to Groundhopping. Can you help? THANKS

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